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PovcalNet widget is a plugable element for doing poverty analysis in any web page. It can be embedded into third party sites by any user. The underlying methodology and data are the same as the full scale PovcalNet. PovcalNet widget is implemented in multiple languages, and it can be also be configured to a default economy and default poverty line, as well as the display style.

Click here to see a resizable widget

Click on a link below to change the language and the display format of the PovcalNet widget:

English Wide Square Long
Spanish Wide Square Long
French Wide Square Long
Arabic Wide Square Long
Russian Wide Square Long
Chinese Wide Square Long

How to implement

  • Simply include two lines of code in your web page:
  • The <script> > tag will load the necessary code for the widget and can be placed anywhere.
  • The <div id="PovcalNetWidget" > is required, and should be put in the place you want.

Multilingual support


  • Customization can be done easily using simple attributes. Attribute names are case sensitive

  • To set default language, use attribute language in the DIV tag, the value should be selected from EN,ES,FR,RU,CH
  • To set default economy, use attribute default in the DIV tag, the value should be the standard 3 character economy code. This example will set the default economy to Indonesia.
  • To set default poverty line, use attribute PovLine in the DIV tag, the value should be a positive number.
  • This example uses three attributes: Chinese language, default economy China and default poverty line $10/day.
  • Three layout Wide,Long,Square are provided with attribute css in the DIV tag, the value should be selected from Long,Wide,Square. If css attribute does not apear, the widget will uses a default CSS from PovcalNet server.
  • If you want to use your own style sheet, you can use attribute css to specify a style sheet in your server
  • You can always use the standard inline style. This example will set the background color to grey and font color to white
  • Example of three layouts: click on the link to download the CSS file
    1. Wide:

    2. Square:

    3. Long: