"Services in the TPP" Database

his database covers information on TPP membersí commitments in selected services sectors, including financial, telecommunications, retailing, transportation and some professional services. It compares their TPP commitments with their: (1) commitments under the WTO; (2) offers submitted in the context of the Doha negotiations; (3) the best commitments under previous preferential trade agreements with other TPP countries; and (4) applied policy. The applied policies was collected at two points of time: in 2008, just after the TPP negotiations began, and in 2015, just before the negotiations concluded. The applied policy information for 2008 comes from the World Bank Services Trade Restrictions Database. The applied policy information for Brunei was collected the first time and policy information for the other TPP members, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Singapore was updated in 2016. For the OECD countries, we relied on publicly available information including the OECD STRI database. This database is a work in progress, and we welcome comments and questions, which should be sent to the following email address: amattoo@worldbank.org, bgootiiz@worldbank.org

Here is the link to the paper that used the database: Services-in-the-trans-pacific-partnership-what-would-be-lost

If you use the data, we request you to cite the following paper: Gootiiz, Batshur and Aaditya Mattoo. 2017. Services in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: What Would Be Lost?. Policy Research Working Paper No. WPS 7964. Washington, D.C.: World Bank Group.

Download the dataset: TTP_services_database.zip